Sunday, January 20, 2013

Super holidays

My friend Manfred was last year in the caribbean sea and made there holidays. He showed me photos that were just beautiful and the hit. Fantastic beaches, crystal clear water……for me the paradise. He was also for a week on a sailing trip in the caribbean sea with skipper and cook. All this he booked at a yacht charter company and it was really not so much expensive. I must say it was really a fantastic and great idea and for me also not bad.


Sailing trip

Planning a sailing trip is allways the same and it is no question for two, with a group, a family or a club. It is also no question, where the trip is going. A sailing trip off the coast of Ibiza, the coast of England or other coasts must be carefully planned. First, it should be considered what type of ship is to be hired for the sailing trip. This depends in part on the number of passengers as well as the planned duration and the route. 


Welcome in my blog

Hello all friends in the whole world. My name ist Patrik, I’m 28 years old, German and I’m single. I live near Calais because I’m working there as an account manager for a telephone company. My big hobby is sailing and I spend a lot of time on the water. One year ago I made my captain’s license and I’m very happy.